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DJ Andyloop is a DJ, producer, graphic designer and an influential person in the Global Beat DJ scene. In the late 90s, he was part of the legendary Freitags-Bar crew in Berlin, a pioneering Global Music venue. Later, in 2004, he was based in Barcelona and with musician Wagner Pa, founded the successful “Brazelona Sessions.” Held at Barcelona’s Sala Sidecar he shared the stage with the biggest names in Global Music until 2010. He was part of the project “Turntables on las Ramblas” with Nickodemus, Pablo Sanchez & Sujinho Nossa. Trip Club in El Molino, Founder of Bombo Club, in Barts Club. And Currently is the resident Dj in Ultramarinos Santa Monica.

Andyloop’s thirst for new beats always keeps him on top of the music coming from the Balkans, New York, Colombia, Brasil, Barcelona, Africa and the rest of the planet… He combines diverse world grooves and urban sounds like House, Breaks or other electronic elements. Andyloop’s DJ-sets are full of rhythm & joy.

As a producer, he made several remixes with Toti Arimany, member of famed Catalan band La Troba Kung-Fu and a well-known music producer in Barcelona, Maxey & T-Bird from emerging group “Los Chicos Altos.” This creative and powerful team has worked for bands like: Zulu 9.30, La Troba Kung-Fu, Lumbalu, Novalima, and more. Andyloop’s tracks have come out on labels such as: Wonderwheel Recordings, UrbanWorld Records, Nascense, and others.

Additionally, Andyloop is working with Dj Tillo, from the famous Hiphop group Orishas and former DJ of another popular band, Macaco. Together they are the “Global Duo,” a combination of Grooves and Turntablism as a live act.