Community develoPment

 “Music for social change” 

Tropical Gold Entertainment – being a worldwide movement – is on a mission since day 1. Concert and festival organizers are charged a solidarity fee with every booking deal to raise funds for neglected communities.

Goal 1: 2027: build 1st music education center in Pernambuco, Brazil.

Goal 2: 2029: build 2nd music education center in Ndola, Zambia.

Goal 3: 2030: build 3rd music education center in Manzini, Eswatini.

About the NGO Live Love Learn

Building and renovating schools and sanitary facilities in Ethiopia for 15 years!

2007 the german-swiss aid organization LIVE LOVE LEARN is founded by Gundi Brendes, Jörn Bernhardt and their 3 sons, whilst living and working in Ethiopia. 

2015 Philipp Bernhardt registers the social business BERNHARDT SOCIAL TRADE in Switzerland to generate fundraising sources through his lifestyle brands CavaCava and shabanak. He teams up with VIVA CON AGUA and since then, raises thousands of Swiss Francs every year to help kids in Ethiopia and Mozambique.

2021 total funds raised sum up to 700,000 euros . By now, the NGO Live Love Learn has managed to help over 6,000 children and young people gain access to education by building classrooms and complete schools in rural, remote regions of southern Ethiopia.

2022 Tropical Gold Entertainment, founded by Philipp “Philsen” Bernhardt and Rodrigo Pires, embarks on its major mission to raise enough funds to build its first three music education centers around the world.